Query-Driven Video Event Processing for the Internet of Multimedia Things (VLDB 2021)

Piyush Yadav, Dhaval Salwala, Felipe Arruda Pontes, Praneet Dhingra, Edward Curry

Advances in Deep Neural Network (DNN) techniques have revolutionized video analytics and unlocked the potential for querying and mining video event patterns. This paper details GNOSIS, an event processing platform to perform near-real-time video event detection in a distributed setting. GNOSIS follows a serverless approach where its component acts as independent microservices and can be deployed at multiple nodes. GNOSIS uses a declarative query-driven approach where users can write customize queries for spatiotemporal video event reasoning. The system converts the incoming video streams into a continuous evolving graph stream using machine learning (ML) and DNN models pipeline and applies graph matching for video event pattern detection. GNOSIS can perform both stateful and stateless video event matching. To improve Quality of Service (QoS), recent work in GNOSIS incorporates optimization techniques like adaptive scheduling, energy efficiency, and content-driven windows. This paper demonstrates the Occupational Health and Safety query use cases to show the GNOSIS efficacy.